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Our law firm provides legal assistance in the territory of the entire Poland and abroad. Our law firm provides legal assistance in the territory of the entire Poland and abroad - we can help You anywhere in the world.

We provide legal assistance in Polish and English. We are conducting cases of foreigners as well - establishing businesses, rendering ongoing legal services for businesses, obtaining visas, resident and work permits, helping the asylum seekers and manymore


At the same time, we provide services in particular in the area of:

Family and inheritance law
among others divorce proceedings, contacts between the child and the parents, maintenance claims, inheritance debts, the reserved portions
Civil law
among others prescriptions, executions of contracts, removal of shared ownerships, compensations, payment of financial liabilities, real property commercial law, tenancy agreements, building lease contracts
Employment law
among others harassments, equivalents for holiday leave, bonuses and remuneration, social insurance law (pensions and benefits and other forms of assistance), the overtime bonuses
Enforcement proceedings
All scope of enforcement proceedings
business/commercial and insolvency law
among others drafting internal acts, regulations, resolutions, contracts and statutes, ongoing legal representation, bankruptcy, liquidation
Administrative law
among others representation before public administration bodies (social security office, tax office), and before administrative courts, in the matters of construction law, spatial planning